Hello all and happy #weddingwednesday! I am so excited for this post because it’s all about my beautiful bridesmaids! I seriously have the BEST girls and I can’t wait to brag about them😚 So first thing, how did I ask the girls to be my bridesmaids? Cory and I got engaged in May, and I wanted to immediately ask my best friends to be in the wedding. When deciding what to get them, I didn’t want to go overboard with the “proposal” because I knew I would be getting them wedding day gifts! Honestly, I went pretty minimal with their bridesmaid proposals, but I think it was perfect! (plus it was really cheap!)

I decided to put together a little box with a special question inside. I ordered these boxes and put a white balloon filled with lots of star shaped confetti and a cute note! The balloon said “pop me” except I forgot to have something to pop the balloon with in the box 🤣 All the girls said it was a fun idea, plus it was a cheap diy! The hardest part of these proposal boxes was filling the balloons with confetti – it took forever and was really messy! Thankfully I was able to give all the girls their box in person 😄

Here are some of the proposal boxes after a couple of the girls opened them!


To finish the rest of today’s post, I’m talking about bridesmaid dresses! I can’t wait to share how beautiful all my girls will look on the big day! Deciding on a bridesmaid dress is a slightly less stressful activity as choosing a wedding dress, only because there is a group pressure put on you – “will everyone like it, is it too expensive, will it look good on everyone” (of course it did because my bridesmaids are seriously GORGEOUS and will slay in absolutely anything!).

I knew from the very beginning I wanted all the girls dresses to be the same, I love the look of unity! However, I went through multiple phases when looking for a dress, first I loved high necks, then spaghetti straps, V-necks, and one shoulders. I didn’t think I was going to make a decision because I loved them all. Here are some of the ones I looked at while shopping ☺️

I for sure wanted the dresses to be a champagne color and the price to not go over $200. I did not feel comfortable asking my friends to pay that much for a dress that they might not even like! I also flip flopped between the idea of a satin and chiffon dress. When deciding where we should go shopping, I decided with David’s Bridal because of their range of options and everything is affordable! Thankfully when the day came to go shopping, the girls tried on satin and chiffon options. It was nice to see how the different fabrics lay on multiple body types. Plus it was good for the girls to express their personal opinions since they were the ones who would be wearing it!

I know it’s “my day” but I was so happy with how open all the girls were when trying on dresses. Each one of them deserved to feel like their best self 💜. In the picture below we are missing one bridesmaid who lives in North Carolina, she unfortunately couldn’t make it up that weekend🥺. But we let her know all the details and she was able to go to a David’s Bridal in NC and get the same dress! This was the day we went shopping and after everyone decided on a dress!

From left to right: Stephanie, Catherine, Me, Jenna, Kara, Erika

All my girls said yes (love you guys!), so now onto the big wedding day!

🤍 Matron of Honor – my big sister Erika

🤍 Bridesmaid – Cory’s sister in-law (and now mine!) Stephanie

🤍 Bridesmaid- my best friend from diapers, Jenna

🤍 Bridesmaid- my best friend that I met in high school, Kara

🤍 Bridesmaid – my best friend from fourth grade, Sydney (she got married in 2020, you can read my post about it here!)

🤍 Bridesmaid- my best friend from college, Catherine

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another #weddingwednesday next week!

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