Hello everyone! Are you ready for another #weddingwednesday! This post is special because it’s featuring Cory!

I can’t believe it, the big day is almost here! I feel like just yesterday we were getting engaged, and now the wedding is 2 days away!! We have our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tomorrow and I am excited but I’m also feeling some pre-wedding jitters 😬.

Since we’re getting married, I thought it would be so much fun to answer some Q & As before the wedding.

Cory and I answered these questions separately – and we didn’t cheat! Can you guys believe we will soon be Mr. and Mrs.?! I can’t wait 💛

Q & A’s

Q: How did you first meet?

Cory: Spanish class in high school.

Michelle: We met in our high school Spanish class in 2012!

Q: What’s the most memorable date you’ve ever had?

Cory: The Air Force Museum

Michelle: Cory and I went to the Bunburry music festival and saw one of my favorites bands!

Q: What is your favorite thing about the other?

Cory: Her sense of humor

Michelle: I absolutely love how much he loves me, I never thought I would be able to find someone like him❤️

Q: When did you first fall in love with your fiancé?

Cory: There wasn’t a specific time, but I fell in love with her self confidence and spontaneity

Michelle: Bunbury music festival, this was only a couple months into dating, but I could just feel he was the right one! I think because we hung out just about every other weekend in high school we grew so close and created a super strong friendship that’s why we immediately connected. Cory and I share the same morals, family values, and even have a very similar humor! He is who I have been looking for!

Q: What has been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?

Cory: Food and cake tastings

Michelle: picking out all the songs for the ceremony and designing the save the dates and invitations

Q: What has been the most difficult detail of your wedding to plan?

Cory: The honeymoon

Michelle: for sure the honeymoon because of the pandemic

Q: What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?

Cory: Celebrating with friends and family, especially now that we’re mostly past COVID

Michelle: walking down the aisle to Cory🤍🤍

Q: What is something you are most nervous about on your wedding day?

Cory: Not much. Maybe the weather.

Michelle: the weather and cicadas 😬

Q: Is there any advice you would give to other engaged couples who are planning a wedding?

Cory: Keep it simple

Michelle: don’t worry about the little things! Enjoy the planning period because it goes by in a flash

Q: How did you celebrate your bachelor & bachelorette party?

Cory: We played paintball at Full Throttle, stopped by Eli’s for dinner, and visited some breweries in OTR

Michelle: For my bachelorette party, we went on a pedal wagon down in Over The Rhine, went to multiple bars, and had the best Mexican food to end the night!

Q: What are you most looking forward to as newlyweds?

Cory: starting our life together and seeing what the future brings us

Michelle: being someone’s wife and to wear my wedding band!

Q: One thing you’re looking forward to in marriage?

Cory: Seeing what adventures you drag me into 😋

Michelle: having kids ☺️

Q: How do you think you’ll feel when it’s all over?

Cory: Relieved. I’m ready to be done with the planning and start our life together.

Michelle: excited! Honestly planning a wedding is so much harder and not as glamorous as you might think. I am so looking forward to the moment we are on our honeymoon and I can take a deep breath and know the planning is done!

Q: Is there something you want your fiancé to know a couple days from the wedding?

Cory: I’m sure the wedding day will go fast, but take time to enjoy it and be present in the moment. Let other people worry about the details. 🙂

Michelle: I am so ready to be your wife😘🤍

XOXO – Michelle

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