Happy #weddingwednesday! I’m so excited to announce that I will be starting a series of wedding related blog posts and releasing them every Wednesday until our wedding week! Today’s post is revolving around our relationship and less about the wedding, but I’m excited to share 😁.

To begin, Cory and I have lived together for 3 years now (not married), and it has been the absolute BEST time! It has become more traditional for couples to live together before marriage, and I truly believe it makes sense. For the longest time I always thought I would wait until I was married to live with my significant other, but it wasn’t the best for us. I honestly believe that we became stronger together by living together. Plus we got to learn each others habits, good and bad. Cory doesn’t have bad habits, we both realized we do things differently around the house, but this gave us time to compromise and decide how we will run our house as a family!


  • Finances // When we moved in together I was 22 and Cory was 23, and we were both ready to start living on our own. However, it did not make sense for us to pay two rents, especially since I was still in school. There was truly no point and it would have been a huge waste!
  • Being together// Cory and I were always together and that wasn’t changing anytime soon. Every single day we would see each other while we lived at home, even if it was only for an hour or two. I personally could not go a day without seeing him! Emotionally it made sense for us to move in since we were already always together.
  • Parents approval// Telling our parents that we were going to move in together was important for both of us. I was extremely nervous to let my parents know I was planning on moving out once Cory found a house. When I brought it up to my mom she was so understanding and fully supported it. I think my parents were halfway expecting it since they knew Cory was searching for a house. Plus, we had been dating for 3 years at this point. It was important to both of us that our parents all be okay with it!

We have both said we’ve learned so much about each other by living together. I am so thankful to have had the time with Cory and grow stronger as a couple. After experiencing how much goes into planning a wedding, I don’t think I could have gone through the stress of trying to find a home after we were married. I think it will make our transition into marriage much easier ❤️. Of course, living together is a big step and this is only our opinion. I think it’s incredible for all the couples who are deciding to wait until after marriage to move in together. Every couple is different and that’s what makes us all beautiful!

Now on to some more #weddingwednesday content! Today I had my makeup trial! I discovered my makeup artist from my best friends wedding. Her name is Carly and she is my best friends sister. Carly is SO talented with makeup – I am in awe with her skills🤩 When Carly and I initially met for the trial she made me feel so comfortable and wanted me to look and feel like myself. She asked what “style” I was looking for and she made the perfect balance of natural and glam for being a bride!

The last thing I am looking for is a good non transfer lipstick in a light pink color – if you have any good recommendations let me know!

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for next week’s #weddingwednesday post🤍

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