Good morning everyone, and happy new year! I have been having the best time the last couple of days reflecting back through 2020 and remembering all the pockets of peace. One thing I’ve really enjoyed is hearing about what people love on Amazon! Last year especially, I ordered a lot, so I went through all my orders and picked out the products I’ve loved, or got the most use out of. Here are my top ten purchases!

ONE: Elliptical Machine

I ordered this for the house right around the time Cory and I got engaged. It’s not a gym quality elliptical, but it’s perfect for us. Plus it is a smaller piece of equipment! We are able to have it in Cory’s game room and it doesn’t take up too much room!

TWO: Reusable Cotton Rounds

I was a little hesitant at first with these cotton rounds only because I had my little routine I would do every night to take off my makeup. After one use I ended up preferring them over the disposable ones! They come with a little bag to so they can go through the washer. I usually wash mine with our delicate loads and then they are all clean and ready to go for the next week!

THREE: Makeup Brush Cleaner

I love this makeup brush cleaner, I’ve recommended it to my friends so many times!

FOUR: L’Oreal True Match Lotion

I first started using this natural glow enhancer in the summer when I didn’t need to wear so much makeup. I immediately fell in love with the lightweight formula and the natural glow it gives me! I actually wore this exact one for our engagement pictures instead of normal foundation!

FIVE: All Purpose Cleaner

This past year I’ve been doing a lot of research to slowly transition our household to more all-natural cleaners. The chemicals found in certain cleaning products are too harsh and I don’t want anyone breathing them in! I found this brand called Puracy and it is one of my all time favorite house cleaners! Plus I love that I can use it around Artemis without being worried ☺️

SIX: Gallon Water Bottle

This is probably my favorite purchase of 2020! I love that it stores all the water I need for the day, plus it reminds me when I should take a drink. This will for sure keep you on track with any new years resolutions!

SEVEN: Wool Dryer Balls

I talked about these dryer balls before on my blog, and I’ll do it again because these things are the best!

EIGHT: Liquid Hand Soap

I bought this soap back in March of 2020 when soap was starting to get hard to find in stores. One, this soap looks so cute sitting on your kitchen counter or bathroom vanity, and two, IT SMELLS AMAZING!!

NINE: Ring Light

A question I hear a lot is what filter do you use or what time of day do you take your pictures? A giant secret to great pictures is to have the best lighting. This ring light is so nice because it comes with 3 different modes of light, white, natural, and warm. Plus, it packs away so nicely! I can do a blog post sharing all my photography essentials if people want, lmk in the comments!

TEN: Wireless Charger

This charger is for the win! All you do is set your phone on it and it immediately starts charging! So nice to have sitting right by my laptop.

Let me know some of your favorite purchases from Amazon were in 2020, I’d love to hear! 🤍

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