Happy Thursday everyone! I have gotten a few request for more wedding post, so I’m here to deliver! Today I wanted to discuss wedding stress and how it simply isn’t worth it. Wedding planning should be fun and exciting! However, I’ll be the first to admit that the stress of wedding planning is 100% coming from myself and the pressure to make the wedding perfect (your wedding will be perfect no matter what!) I definitely had to step back and remind myself that it’s only one day, but it will be magical 🤍 Thankfully, Cory has been my rock through this entire process, and he’s been really involved. I still feel a little anxiety when I open our wedding planner book and see the “wedding to do list” without many checkmarks. Tackling the list with your partner will for sure take loads of pressure off your shoulders! Today I am sharing 10 tips I’ve learned during the wedding planning process from friends and family.

1. Take Breaks

Once you get engaged, the wedding is on your mind all the time. Don’t let wedding planning consume your life and make you miss out on all the wonderful things happening around you! Try to limit planning to a certain time in your day or only one day a week. Take lots of breaks whenever possible!

2. Don’t Take On Everything At Once

Cory and I tried working on things in phases (this really helped when scheduling meetings with different vendors!) First we made appointments with all the venues we wanted to tour. After deciding on a location, we moved on to cake and DJs. Then we met with the photographer we picked and lastly, we discussed flowers. We basically have everything planned, and we still have 7 months until the wedding! It’s nice to focus on one or two vendors at a time and not overwhelm yourselves. It will make the process much more fun!

3. Go On A Date

Being with your fiancé just makes your day. Being with your fiancé at a restaurant where someone else is cooking dinner makes the world of a difference 😂 Cory and I don’t go on a ton of dates, we’ll usually cook dinner at home or order in. When the opportunity comes up that we can look nice and go out for dinner, we jump all over it! Just be sure to talk about things other than the wedding. Our favorite date night includes salsa and margaritas!

4. Talk About It

Sometimes talking with a friend or family member can be super helpful when it comes to wedding stress. Keeping anxieties bottled in can make things worse when it should be a fun and exciting time! My mom and sister were so helpful when it came to wedding discussions. I would constantly come to them with TONS of questions and they were always a huge help!

5. Stay Organized

Organization is so important during wedding planning. Being disorganized can actually pile on even more stress and anxiety. I purchased this wedding planner from Target (unfortunately Target no longer carries them but I found it on eBay). These are similar ones here, here, and here. This planner kept me on track, and I had somewhere to keep all receipts, contracts, pamphlets, guest list, dress swatches, and any other important wedding details.

6. Delegate

If you have family members or friends who want to be involved with planning, let them! Assigning small tasks to people you trust will relieve responsibilities from yourself so you don’t feel too overwhelmed!

7. Learn A New Skill

Taking on a new hobby (yoga, painting, sports, or something you are interested in) is a great way to focus your attention on a new project rather than wedding related tasks. Luckily, I was able to bury myself in my Etsy shop and blog whenever I needed a distraction for a little bit.

8. Hire A Wedding Planner

If you are midway (or later) through the planning process, you can still hire some help to make your experience better. Planners help you stay organized, create a timeline for the big day, and take on any other tasks to help you create the perfect wedding! Thankfully our venue came with a wedding planner who helped us run through the timeline of the day, design the layout of the reception space, and she’ll be there day of to make sure everything runs smoothly. Truly a blessing!

9. Have “Me Time”

“Me time” is so important during wedding planning! Having alone time is a perfect way to de-stress. Your “me time” is going to be different than mine, and that’s okay! I like to get cozy in bed or on the couch with a coke, that is my absolute favorite reward drink.

10. Remember The “Why”

If things start to get overly stressful, take a few moments to think about the reason you are planning your wedding. You’ve found the love of your life and you are going to spend the rest of you life with them 🤍 Whenever I get overwhelmed with decisions that need to be made, I take a few deep breaths, and think about why I’m getting married. Cory and I are going to spend our lives together, and that makes me so happy! In the end, if something doesn’t go the way you planned, it will not matter because it will still be the happiest and best day of your life! You are about to marry your best friend and soulmate 💕

I thought of one other piece of advice while writing and wanted to add it in! Remember to enjoy being engaged-soak it in! Don’t start wedding planning the day after your engagement. Take that time to reflect over your relationship and how much you love each other! All the planning and tasks will be there waiting for you to complete. For now, do one thing at a time, don’t compare what others are doing, and enjoy the planning process – trust me it goes fast!



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