Raise your hand if you get overly emotional at every wedding, whether you know the person or not? Then the photographer captures your ugly cry face for everyone to remember forever, oh good, me too!😂

This weekend I had the privilege of watching my best friend marry the love of her life. She is one tough bride, because not only did she take on the weekend like a boss, her wedding was limited due to the coronavirus. However, nothing could have taken her smile away or the love that radiated from her! I’ll forever be honored that she chose me to stand next to her on the happiest day of her life. (and I asked her to stand with me on my big day in May, she might have to help me cope through many semi-bridezilla moments 🤪)

I’ll never forget when Sydney texted our friend group with pictures of a ring on her hand! It was really happening! My first thought was “are we really old enough to be getting married already?” Sydney and I have been friends since 4th grade, and we were voted most likely to be friends in 10 years for our senior superlative. It’s so surreal to think back to senior year, and now we just celebrated her marriage!

She was the most gorgeous bride! Their wedding fit their personality perfectly – rustic and embracing their love for the outdoors. Sydney and her husband had lots of fun ideas and visions when it came to their big day. It was an October wedding, so they wanted to incorporate beautiful greens, rustic décor, their love for camping, and of course their love for each other. In the end, everything turned out beautiful!! Even their two dogs Bo and Riley were included in the festivities!

*Advice to any bride that is reading – go with your gut, choose the details you love and, make the day your own!

The small details became the big picture, Sydney and her husband did an incredible job incorporating meaningful details into every part of their wedding. They carefully planned the morning of to be a relaxing time with family and friends with the gorgeous North Carolina mountains surrounding. Sydney was a DIY bride, and she kicked butt! Every detail was intentional and perfectly executed. Down to the arch they were married in, which was made by her husband, everything seamlessly connected and was aesthetically pleasing. To me, the wood arch for the ceremony resembled a mountain (that might not be what she was going for, but it matched the surrounding landscape🏔) Their guest book was a unique touch for them. Instead of doing a traditional guest book, they had a glass globe that said “our adventure begin” and guests were to sign the different continents – love it!

Sydney and her husband are pizza fanatics! They had a food truck come to the reception that offered a variety of pizza options (and the slices were as big as my head!) This was another small detail they incorporated that was so meaningful to them (their love for pizza!🍕) They even set the dinner tables “family style” so each and every guest felt welcomed. Also, can we talk how ADORABLE the place settings were?!😍

These two are obviously pretty crazy about each other and all the pictures are the best supporting evidence. It was an absolute honor to stand beside this BEAUTIFUL GEM on her big day and celebrate their new beginning.🤍

If you are still reading this post, thank you! I know it is long, but Sydney’s wedding was so special to me that I wanted to document it here! My best friend looked like a woodland goddess – radiant and flawless. I thought Sydney did an amazing job blending her style with her husband’s, while also putting their own twist on things. I think she has found her new calling in wedding planning/designing! ☺️ If you agree with me, you must have felt inspired by her creativity!!

Praying for an amazing first year of marriage for these two lovebirds! 🥰

xoxo, Michelle

*All bridesmaids dresses are from Azazie in color dusty sage

*My dress is linked here!


  1. I love your Blog, young Lady. You write with such passion and interest. Right you are about that being an outstanding wedding. Best and prayers for a perfect future for Sydney and her L-O-V-E.

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