Since we’ve been staying home lately, I’ve constantly been shopping on Amazon. I’m always looking for something new for the house, whether it’s décor or for organization. I compiled some of my favorite items I bought from Amazon during quarantine. Let me know some of your favorite buys in the comments!☺️


I bought this apple watch stand at the beginning of this year and I love the way it looks! I didn’t like having my watch laying on the table to charge because it took a lot of room up on my small night stand. One day I came across this stand and wanted to give it a try. First, the design is so sleek, and the color is really pretty! The stand comes with cable management which is something I desperately needed because I am constantly bending my cords and then they end up not working. I bought the gold color, but it also comes in black, rose gold, and silver


Perfect for getting any clutter off surfaces! I hate it when we have papers all over the counter, but unfortunately that is what happens. I found this file holder to put on the fridge, and I love how it looks. We store coupons and mail in ours, but it can hold much more! The material is durable and the magnetic has a strong hold. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a solution for organizing papers you need to keep close by.


A perfect addition to any room! We bought it for our living room because we needed more warm light in the evening, but still wanted the lamp to look aesthetically pleasing. The lamp does come unassembled, but the instructions are super clear and it took maybe 15 minutes! (plus it comes with a light bulb!) One of my favorite things about this lamp is the cord is hidden in one of the legs, making it really functional for any space.


I love this cookie jar so much! We got two of them and use them in our snack cabinet. I may have gone a little over board when I was organizing our snack cabinet, but every time I open the cabinet I am so satisfied! I have one holding granola bars and the other has candy and other individually wrapped snacks. The tops are pop lids that are truly airtight! If you are searching for a container for cookies, dog treats, baking ingredients, or snacks stop here and buy this one!


If you have a pet that sheds like I do, you need this! The ChomChom remove so much pet hair, especially from the pillows we keep on the couch. Plus, it is so easy to clean out once it’s full.


Not going to lie – I was so skeptical about switching from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls. Once I did, I will never be going back! First, the wool dryer balls are eco-friendly and they last for so many loads. Each ball is reusable and will last for 2-4 years! Cory has super sensitive skin so it was more of a trial and error with different laundry products, but these are hypoallergenic and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Another great bonus is that these wool balls attract pet hair away from clothing! ( sometimes I think it is Artemis’ goal to get as much hair on me as possible in a day) I HIGHLY recommend these as an alternative to dryer sheets!


These are a must have if you switch over to the wool dryer balls. We add a couple drops to each ball before putting them in the dryer, and the fragrance lasts for a long time! We bought the laundry collection that comes with 3 scents – petal fresh, still breeze, and citrus clean.


This is the cutest tray! I put it on the table right by the front door and it adds the perfect amount of warmth! The color is more of a natural wood and it’s slightly distressed. I’ve received so many compliments about it already!


This is my absolute FAVORITE amazon find so far. This is a true 2-person hammock, Cory and I can both comfortably fit. Whenever anyone comes over, they always ask “was it expensive?” GUYS, the hammock is only $60! The quality is amazing, it’s a perfect size, the color is pretty, I wish I could give it 6 stars on amazon!

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