Good morning beautiful ones🤍 Cory and I are constantly experimenting with coffee brands and flavors. I’ve recently found the best online coffee shop called Coffee Over Cardio. The shop offers coffee, hydrates, creamers, and even super cute tumblers! I went ahead and ordered the messy bun cinnamon bun flavored ground coffee. Guys I’m not kidding when I say this coffee smells AMAZING! Just brewing the coffee makes the house smell so good – seriously like a slice of heaven. Also it’s carb, sugar, and gluten free as well as keto friendly.

*Use my code 10mcroemer for 10% off your purchase*

I am actually drinking the coffee as I’m writing this post, and it is my new favorite flavor! I highly recommend trying the messy bun cinnamon bun out or one of their many other flavors. Not only is this coffee the perfect find for fall, it tastes like a cinnamon roll in your cup! (yummm)

I hope everyone has a great and relaxing Sunday as we prep for this upcoming week!


*Use my code 10mcroemer for 10% off your purchase*

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