My very first blog post! I have been so excited to start a blog and I have been talking about it constantly. Now the time is here!

My name is Michelle and I am currently a student at the University of Cincinnati studying interior design with a minor in fine arts.

I am getting married in May of 2021 to the most perfect guy for me and we are so excited to start our lives together as newlyweds. Family is very important to me, and luckily most of my family lives in Cincinnati. My older brother lives in Florida, but we facetime and text all the time!

My fiancé and I have a 4 year old german shepherd named Artemis, and she is our baby. We got her when she was just a puppy. I can’t believe how small she was!

Here she is now, what a difference!

I am in my seventh year of college because I changed my major from fine arts to interior design, so I am beyond ready to graduate. I love my major and what I do now, and I am grateful for how everything has turned out. While in design school I have learned many different programs, and some that have helped me open my very own Etsy shop called Shell Dottie Design. My shop sells printable art and décor that you can buy, print at home or take to a local print shop. I will keep everyone updated when a new piece arrives in the shop, but you can always stay in touch on Instagram and Facebook!

I am so excited to share beauty, outfits, wellness, and design inspiration with everyone!

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